About Us

Our Mission

As our Farsi language community is growing up every day, having some modern cummunicating, presenting and searchable business platform seems essential. We created Posheh, as a free tools, for our Farsi language community to deliver superior digital marketing platform to our Farsi language community in the United States.

Our History

Pusheh project started in 2020 and the first version of website released in earlier 2021. This is a long jurney and we always welcome your value help,support and suggestions to make our services better.

Our Core Values

- Support

we’re dedicated to personal, professional, and business support.

- Empathy

We put ourselves in the shoes of others, even in the most challenging of situations, in order to understand their position, needs, and challenges.

- Growth

We try our best to find and make a way to ramp professional, and business growth.

- Essentialism

We strive always to identify and pursue the market critical requirements on the most effective ways to support our community.

- Right

We always do what is right and in the best interest of our community.